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We focus on solutions.


The Spectrum Benefits team specializes in various funding methods and insurance aspects, providing your company the ability to customize programs suited for your company now and in the future. Together, we’ll ensure the right fit for your benefits needs. 


We emphasize service.

Your Spectrum Benefits Team will continue beyond plan selection, assisting with enrollment, education, and complex administration and compliance burdens throughout the year.  Our staff will meet regularly through the year with you and is available to answer day to day concerns. 


We are an independent firm.


Spectrum Benefits is independently owned and operated.  We are not beholden to or required to meet the financial objectives of a corporate board. We are committed to building long-term partnerships and serving as an essential part of your benefits program.


Founded in 1992, Spectrum Benefits offers a combined 100+ years of experience in employee benefits design, education, and administration.  Our experience and solid reputation provide clients with a quality team, trusted carrier relationships, expanded vision, and valuable compliance knowledge.


We are a team of Employee Benefit Strategists.   We work with you, your team and your staff to develop and implement an effective employee benefits strategy based on your company’s needs, business philosophy, and requirements.

Welcome to Spectrum Benefits, LLC.  We're glad you're here!

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Spectrum Benefit LLC

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